Victoria Educational Services, Exclusively specializing in Overseas Education Services

Victoria Educational Services (VES) is a well established professional consultancy company giving services to the students since 2015 to boost and cater to the growing education abroad demand in south Asian countries. and having another offices in Cyprus and UK, known all over the world for its potential to recruit students in pursuance of Education to countries all over the world like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and USA etc. In other words, we are furthering the noble interest of providing high quality and professional advice for those who would like to study abroad

Mr. Sawinder Singh , the Managing Director of VES, has the first hand experience of difficulties and challenges encountered by students opting to continue their education in a foreign country which includes intricacies of getting a Visa, heads VES. He is having more than 5 year experience in Education Services, has established VES and making it Sky high while keeping it deep rooted.

Our Motto

“Excellence & Service” clarifies and speaks volumes of our intentions and mission which is to fulfill the aims and desires for what a student and his family approach us. The past results reflect that we have been successful, unparalleled, getting 900 student visas to various colleges/Universities spread over Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, Cyprus etc. Our philosophy is to serve our clients as our very own in the most honest and fair manner through our high quality and excellent professional services.

Our experienced & skillful staff is trained to obtain, study and process the background of every client and then advice on courses/career opportunities based upon the same, in the best possible way to use their capabilities and potential to the max while keeping in mind their dreams and aspirations.

The network of destinations included in the embrace of VES includes the best of learning centers offerings international qualifications in different and varied fields of study. The students are guided and provisioned to land at these destinations with utmost care to ensure the transition is smooth. However, this care does not culminate here rather continues to provide post landing facilities and, in fact, till they are able to settle in their career or profession

VES – Empowering students to empower themselves.

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